One of my favorite shots

Cell phones & photos

It is said that the best camera to use is the one you have on you and I for one am a believer!!!

I was in Arizona a few years ago at a cowboy mounted shooting competition. I was done competing for the day so I walked down to the warm up arena and was watching other competitors warm up their horses. For me,  it is second nature to be capturing equestrian moments and honestly very hard to resist so with only my cell phone on me I thought what the heck. I kneeled down to see if I could get some interesting shots from down low when a rider walked directly in front of me as I was shooting in burst mode. No worries I thought, I will just try it again and on I went taking more shots.

Later that evening I went through the shots I had taken and came across the shot of the rider walking in front of me which framed another rider perfectly. To this day...this is still one of my favs.

There are  always  times and a places for cell phone pics just as there are times and places when you want to have extraordinary moments captured by a professional to share with generations to come.

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